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buy applle jacks dankvapes Though the THC on this isn’t particularly high, the perfect balance between sativa and indica make it a desirable strain for its otherworldly effects. The flavors are as the name would suggest: fruity and earthy with tart and sweet apple zest. The aroma are pepper with apple and sugar, but are overtak by pungent earth. The buds are dense and green with golden and red undertones.

This is one of those buds that is intensely focused, so if you have a project you’ve been meaning to finish or a to-do list looming overhead, now is the time. These buds go down smooth and will have you feeling that heady cerebral rush after just one hit. The burst of energy that washes over you will have all of your creative cylinders firing. Making it a perfect daytime bud. The full body relaxation, as indicas typically provide, only compliment the stellar sativa buzz you feel from head to toe.

For anyone who suffers from mood or attention disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar. Or ADHD. This strain offers you the ability to streamline your thoughts and let negativity fall by the wayside. You’ll feel uplifted, yet relaxed, making it ideal for symptoms of the above ailments.


Because of its highly energetic nature, this is a great strain for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue or clinical exhaustion. The CBD levels of this strain are almost too low to measure and therefore it is not recommend for anyone who requires CBD for treatment.

The only downside to this strain is that it is difficult to come by. As a result, there is very little grow information available. There are a few other strains of the same or similar name that may throw off the search, but exact recommendations and tips are scarce, if any.


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