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buy diamond og dankvapes online Diamond OG boasts impressively large flower. These stubby, bullet-shap nug adhere in a dense, solid bud structure that is typically associate with indicas. Leave are a dark shade of olive green and are thread through with yellow to orange pistils. A thick layer of resinous trichomes glitters on the inner and outer surfaces of these flowers and makes them particularly sticky, The woodsy scent of pine and cedar wafts up from cured bud of Diamond OG.

This dank aroma also has a citrus undertone, not often seen in OG varieties. Grinding up these sticky nugs releases a spicy, hashy scent, likely the influence of Afghani landrace genetics in the strain’s background. Although it may be harsh and cough-inducing to inhale, a refreshing taste of citrus comes through on the exhale. Smokers should keep in mind that this can be a particularly pungent smoke; those looking to maintain discretion should take any necessary precautions.


Diamond OG offers what might only be describ as a creeper of a high, often taking several minutes after user have savore its taste before its effects can be detect. A feeling of heaviness fall on the brow and eyelids; some may even feel dizzy or lightheaded. Relaxation spread quickly, and smokers may head for refuge on the closest comfortable couch. Some mental effect are also present, but rather than cerebral or thoughtful, user are likely to feel elevat and euphoric, This sublime balance between body and head high can be an excellent way to unwind and allow the stresses and annoyance of the day to melt away.


As time passe or as consumption is increase, smokers are increasingly likely to become couchlock and dope. In fact, at higher doses, smokers should expect to be incapacitate and shouldn’t plan on productivity. Because of its sleepy vibes, Diamond OG is better suited to nighttime than to daytime use. Its stoney effect are said to be long-lasting and potent, even for experienc cannabis user.

buy diamond og dankvapes

This knockout strain’s sedative properties can have several uses for medical cannabis patients as well. Its almost narcotic relaxation can be effective at soothing pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis.


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