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how to buy grape pie dankvapes online

how to buy grape pie dankvapes online, Like a modern version of old-school purple strains, Grape Pie is more visually striking than most of its forefathers. Under magnification, you’ll see deep-violet hues covering much of the leaves and jagged, foxtailing calyxes. As Well As limited Pistil Coverage. And A Thick coat of trichomes.

That soda-like grape sweetness isn’t as overpowering here as it is in Grape Pie’s aroma, but it dominates the palate nonetheless, with a strong sour kick making it hard to notice other zesty, earthy flavors.

Effects: Although you’ll initially feel euphoric and creative, even high-tolerance users will only experience. That for An hour Or So, As The Crash Is Inevitable. The strain’s potent THC content and stiff body high make it a good candidate to treat body pain, headaches, glaucoma, sleeping disorders and boring chores around the house — especially if you want to n

Home grower’s take “It was pretty hard. To Get These from Cannarado at first, but I think they sold more because of the demand. Pretty surprised it’s even hit the dispensaries, honestly. Looks like theirs is a little more purple than what I’ve seen, but that’s not a surprise. Really sticky buds and a ton of resin, so the hash is amazing.”


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