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To conclude. how to buy kosher kush dankvapes online, Kosher Kush. Is A Mostly Indica hybrid that won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012. It has the distinction of being the first commercial strain bless by a Rabbi Furthermore. The blessing thought to bring both enlightenment and a state of blissful tranquility. This strain produces a powerful but lazy body buzz that can leave novice users quite sedated, but it also lifts their moods with its Sativa-based cerebral effects.

To begin. New users warn that great caution should be exercised when using this strain as the sleepiness can be overwhelming. This attribute, however, makes Kosher Kush effective for treating insomnia and restlessness caused by anxiety and stress. Patients dealing with pain may also find it helpful due to its numbing body effects.

Finally. Dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety are all possible downsides of this strain.

Kosher Kush’s genetic are mostly a mystery though most grower agree that the strain likely contains OG Kush in its lineage Sixthily. The strain come from California and was originally referr to as “Jew Gold” or JG. As the strain became more mainstream and a favorite among dispensary owners, its original offensive name was chang to something more…say, kosher.


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