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Furthermore. how to order mars og dankvapes online, Strains with planetary namesake generally mean they began their life-cycle indoor, until later being move Outdoor. This cause the growth cycle to end in more natural condition. As a result, the Mars OG has a high flower-to-leaf Ratio With. A powerful Smoke That hits harder. And A Stone that has a long duration To begin. The planetary strains are rumored to all be phenotype off the old-school classic – OG Kush.

Mars OG feature deeply green buds which are generously cover in red and orange hairs, a visual connection to it’s planetary namesake finally. The faintly glistening trichome are a visual


sight to behold. It is consider powerful even amongst its planetary counterpart. Two toke is all one need to feel the effect of Mars OG, and each additional toke seems to extend the duration of the effect.


Mars OG is a great combatant of insomnia, helping lull use into a deep, relax sleep. It can also be use to alleviate stress, and proves to be a generally effective pain reliever. Another medicinal application for Mars OG is helping use manage anxiety level,

Finally. and it can even prove effective in treating symptom associat with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Mars OG can also prove effective for those afflict with epilepsy,

either preventing seizures entirely or providing relief in the uncomfortable post-Seizure State. Users will feel relaxed, euphoric, and likely rather sleepy as well. Since. Mars OG is commonly associat. With ‘couch-lock.’ it is advisable to indulge at nighttime, or on lazy days with little schedul.

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    I love indica. Recommended everyone to order this product.

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