3 Chi Delta 8 Vape Cartridges "Blue Dream "

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  1. it does smell actually. i was smokin one in the school restroom (not tryna be cool i just need it in school to survive) and my friends came in and i thought they wouldn’t smell it and know but guess what. they did. they said it was loud af. so yeah some of them can smell.

  2. i bought it thinking it was mixed with cbd and got so fucking high as i was cruising. this is no joke… i guess thats why u pay the extra $10 over a normal $30 cartridge. really great taste will buy again.

  3. "Everyday, im just a pothead. I mean… I SMOKE IT DOWN!"


    I smoked a whole stativa cart called Caribbean dream..my thoughts were having conversations with themselves. And i felt like my head was trying to escape my neck….

  4. I got some took two hits before going into see the dr cause i get bad anciety going in places it did keep me calm but no high plus was hitting the reg delta 8 before that best thing is do it at night help u sleep

  5. Loved this review!! You seem so chill to be around 🙌 I have bought blue dream 4 times so far. It's my favorite. I've also tried pineapple express and gelato 41 all from 3CHI. All good.

  6. Delta 8 actually has a different tolerance to delta 9 so if you smoke D9 regularly then you will be hit with the same effects as someone who never smoked either.

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