So we got a new product review in this video and it is a great one! Chil is a distillate company and I can honestly say that this has been well received when given to my friends.


This video is intended for people 18 years or older.


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  1. smokin on some fire gsc distillate out of my custom refilable vape pen combo ! πŸ™‚ i use a evod battery and aspire k3 cartridge . ever since ive been using that combo i haven't gone back to disposable carts!

  2. Yo slmplisick I Ben following you for a while now but I Ben hearing that a lot of YouTube channels have been deleted for smoke but the reason is because you need to age restricted your videos I just signed of my account to see if you’re video were age restricted and they are not all video must be age restricted to at least 18 you can do that by going in to your were you find out how your Analytics and tap on each video to edit and then it should give you the option to age restrict the videos I think you make good contact but that is the solution and hope to see the Kmart video go back up I never forget that day You made that video it blow up so quickly it was crazy lol much love and keep up the good work man you are the third one that I know of to have this problem but I have been doing this since my Kmart video was flagged and I have had no problems with people trying to report me just because I smoke weed it’s a thing all most everywhere now in the us and in Canada they and it’s not really YouTube it the people who can view your videos are report you for whatever reasons that they can

  3. What’s up bro great video and I was going to ask you can u do some of your favorite strain on flower review cause I’m gonna get some more flower pretty soon and I wanna know the best one’s to get

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