I’ve been playing around with a bunch of the pre-filled cannabis cartridges on the market trying to decide if they’re worth while! So I thought i’d make a full video talking about my do & don’ts when it comes to buying them!

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  1. It should be clarified that terpenes are terpenes regardless of where they're derived from. Pure limonene derived from a citrus fruit, is the same pure limonene you derive from cannabis. The only difference being the source you got it from. Though with that said, I agree with you and, personally, would also look for cannabis derived terpenes over non cannabis derived terpenes for the simple fact that they're from cannabis.

  2. Propelyne Glycol is actually perfectly safe when vaporized, as the extra 2 carbon atoms and one of the oxygen atoms break off when it becomes a vapor and the PG turns into water. The same goes for Vegetable Glycerin 🙂

  3. Any1 have a suggestion for a pen/vape that will take many sizes of cartridges and I can do a real good pull on? Most that I've seen are quite weak and small. Anything around 50$?

  4. You can take an empty cart and use straight bho. You just heat it up until it liquifies, but doesnt start smoking. You then draw it into a syringe and fill up your cartridge with it. When the coil heats up the bho, it will heat up the metal around it to warm up the bho so it liquifies amd flows into the coil where it will vape. You dont need additives.

  5. I live in Florida where they don't sell flower, just capsules vaporizers and other things.. could you tell me the best product that I can get that will give me the best high similar to eating a THC brownie?????

  6. Are there any cartridges that actually work with concentrate? I’ve tried 4 different types of cartridges that were supposed to work with concentrate but I ended up needing to add ejmix or something. Ejuice hurts my lungs. I like to have a mystica when I’m out running errands. I can’t keep putting dabs in my cerum yokan atomizer when I’m driving around. I found a pen that it marketed for dabs and I think it’s called terpex or verptex or something. The cartridges can be bought separately but I don’t know if they’re put together with glue or what. I’m just desperate for a nice pen cartridge that I can fill up with my sticky epoxy-like concentrate. It’s soooooooo much cheaper to buy the concentrate rather than the cartridges at my dispensary. Thanks for any advice you can give. I love your videos. You seem like such a good guy.

  7. Yeah i have bought one and i find thatbit doesnt really get me high tastes good but i prefer just toking out of my pipe and my weed last longer than using the vape which goes quite fast cause it dont really feel like its doing anything for me

  8. Are my cartridges weak? After reading some comments people say a few hits gets them stoned while I have to take like 7 on mines to get stoned and it only last like 30 minutes then settles to a very more weaker high but still decent

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