Berry G33 by General Admission 510 Vape Cartridge One Hitter Vape Review

Hey, Y’all!!! We are diving into the last of the Vapes that are available on the market from General Admission. I’m really impressed by the overall quality of the vape cartridges, this Indica dominant cartridge was enjoyable and an improvement to the cart we reviewed last week.

Cheers Y’all

Intro Music: Royalty-Free Music from Bensound



  1. love your video they are very informative and i really enjoyed the forbidden fruit cart but out of all the indica carts for body high which top 3 would you recommend or do you have a top 10 list? thanks for the vids

  2. the MAC 1 for sure . but i like the HEADSTASH from Riff . AKA HAWAII HEARTBREAK . you didn't see that one coming . and by the time you did, it was too late it already got you by the booboo .

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