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B&M Store Vape Pen from 88Vape Review http://www.88vape.co.uk/

A super cheap way from B&M store to start vaping and give up those cigarettes with this Vape pen classic. Also available at 88vape website.

Here is a video on how to fill it https://youtu.be/u03w1n_cHwU

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  1. Bought one, it’s charging, but won’t switch on, charged for 3 hours and it still won’t switch on. Very pissed off :/

  2. They are a waste of space!!! I have tried these lots of times over the years and, wish that I hadn't. Using one of these put me off vaping because they could never replace cigarettes. I bought a decent vape for 45 pounds and a couple of bottles of liquid and, I haven't smoked since. Ignore anyone selling vapes online or on YouTube. Get yourself to a vape shop and buy a good one. 45 pounds may sound expensive but, you will soon save that with what you would have spent on cigarettes.

  3. I very seldom make negative comments on youtube but I bought one of these vapes less than two weeks back. All I will say is that the vape tasted crap when I used it, and I used there vape liquid. It now sits by its self waiting till I decide to throw it away as one of my mistakes.

  4. I bought one today and cost £5 and e-juice and tanks for a £1, actually surprised with how well it works. Just as good as those being sold from between £10 to £30 in my opinion.

  5. Don't bother buying this, evan for £5. 99 or whatever it is. Total waste of time an money. Go for smok if your serious about stopping smoking

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