1. Good she deserves every minute and every day and every month and every year she serves over there she's been there multiple times she knew the law but she snubbed it anyways and she got caught it's like that in Japan too they tell you you break the law you go to jail she'll probably do 5 years

  2. I would bomb the Kremlin, and assassinate Russian officials, before ever agreeing to trade warlords for drug offenders. Ms. Griner needs to be brought home, but not as a result of a trade that includes the release of terrorists and murderers. Would she even agree to such a trade? If so, then she lacks serious morality, and I really have no interest in giving her any support.
    Give them our own government officials that have blood on their hands. Plus, where is the league that Ms. Griner played for this summer? Why haven't they stepped up?

  3. she calls a "mistake" to smuggle drugs LOL…. That is like raping a woman and then, on the trial say "oh, sorry, it was a mistake, I didn't know that raping is illegal in this country" LOL

  4. Is cannabis oil worth going to Russia jail over🤔? I guess so or she never would have taken it there. These are college people who should know not to let their habits interfere with their life as we are all taught in school growing up. As my mother always told me. If your going to do something like that be prepared for the consiquences and don't expect anyone to get you out of trouble. If she gets away with this anyone should be able to get out of traffic tickets. We know better but sometimes we don't drive perfectly.

  5. She deserves jail just because he or she whatever it is bought drugs with her needs jail like everybody else who brings in drugs to another country way to go

  6. If that was poor me broke me.

    Would they make a swap for me ….?

    All you usa spoiled sports players…you not that important in foreign countries…

    So 🛑 it….

    I know a lot of Britt friends as nd sports players are saying what a dumb ass he is
    But you know they naive…. talking bout free Britt…..

  7. Bring Brittney home . Putin just using her as collateral, Just in case the U. S. A. Put troops down on ground to help Ukraine a little defensive Country that is being bullied by Russia . Please what they are charging Brittney with is garbage . Putin just seized a opportunity to arrest 2 Times Olympic Gold Medalist Brittney with BullS….. . Putin is the devil 👿 murdering newborn babies in a maternity hospital with Missile Strikes . No Soul . But Karma is a B….tch .

  8. Let me see, if I got this right? A worthless America hating piece of 'WOKE" Crap! who continually denounced our country many times over! Now the dumb-ass Bitch thinks she deserves, the same country she hates to bail her sorry ass out of prison! Here's a thought… Screw Her! She bought the ticket, now she gets to take the ride! Breaking News! Russia does not have to follow American Law! That is known as… A FACT!!! The good news is when/if she ever gets out of prison, she should become quite fluid in speaking Russian

  9. BEWARE!! If you're traveling through the state of Iowa and are carrying THC vapes from another state you will go to jail as well and pay a big fine. Many are in Iowa prisons on cannabis charges.

  10. Is marijuana and cocaine legal for American athletes to use? Why aren't all American athletes tested for doping? And they will not be suspended for 5 years from all international competitions like Russia? Because they close their eyes and the unipolar world reads the laws. I am glad that from now on Russia has begun to remake this world and many countries to connect to this. The US will now go down.

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