Broken vape cartridge fixed! 510 thread kingpen HACK. (Clogged, error, liquid transfer). THC. 2021

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I discuss all the potential issues, problems and fixes for a 510 thread kingpen Vape cartridge. We very thoroughly look at the anatomy of the cartridge and more. See how to fix: a clogged cartridge, a blink code error (ooze 640 pen battery), no draw, no hit, weak hit, and how to transfer from 1 non working cartridge to another empty yet working cartridge.

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28:09 – An explaination of everything in the presentation at

– This is where the wicks are placed at 03:14
– The top unscrews to expose rubber washers at 03:35


——QUESTION 1. Is the Airflow Disrupted? Check all 4 areas:
Area 1 The mouthpiece at 04:02
Area 2 The Bottom at 04:07
Area 3 The Thead area air holes at 04:12
Area 4 The connection point of the cartridge to the pen, 4 air slots which lead air from outside and into your cartridge airholes and up into the center at 04:29

Do not lose the rubber cap at 06:23

Do not carry them loosely in your pocket at 06:40

Clean the mouthpiece at 07:02

The cartridge bottom connection pin connectivity basic fix at 08:00

The blinking error code at 09:04


——QUESTION 2: Is the center wick coil displaced? at 09:43

Breakdown of the anatomy at 11:03


The cartridge wick at 11:13

What happens if I take the cartridges contact pin out of the bottom? at 11:45

The rubber gasket housing for the contact pin at 11:55

Inside the rubber gasket are the 2 coil wires (or should be) at 12:12

Get your needle eye threader from your sewing kit at 13:18


If the wires are flush and making contact with the center pin, then we have fixed issue #2 at 15:13


——QUESTION 3: Are your wicks out of place? transfer the liquid at 16:50

The wick explained more at 17:20

I had to break the glass off because…. at 18:30

Looking down the middle to see if it’s clogged at 19:27

If it had fluid down the middle….. at 19:50

Was it our fault that one of the wicks are out of place? at 20:17

What are the holes for inside the glass? at 20:54

How does it all work?? at 21:00

If any of the wires are out of place, we will get a blinking code at 21:44

Where can the oil leak from? at 22:22

How to transfer your oil from one cartridge to another at 22:58

balancing one on top of another for oil transfer at 25:45

recap everything in the presentation at 28:09

May also work for the following brands:
heavy hitters
brass knuckles
amber industries

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  1. wow your video is super helpful!! i have been trying to figure out what’s wrong with my cart for the LONGEST time, but you helped me figure out that it was something wrong with the two thin wires. one is seen on the inside of the rubber stopper and one is not seen, i think it’s stuck between the rubber stopper and the metal part. how could you pull the wire out?

  2. Brand new cart and there’s something blocking the air holes by the thread. No air flow when I screw it in. Bottom air hole is fine till it makes contact. ??

  3. I have chronic insomnia I've tried weed delta 8 thc cartridge feel good but can't shut my mind off still im relaxed as heck but still can't fall asleep? This was my only hope? Can anyone recommend a good oil that helps you sleep? I'm desperate? Thanks!

  4. I have chronic insomnia I've tried weed delta 8 thc cartridge feel good but can't shut my mind off still im relaxed as heck but still can't fall asleep? This was my only hope? Can anyone recommend a good oil that helps you sleep? I'm desperate? Thanks!

  5. Bro you literally saved my cart, and made my night. First thing, I found my favorite expensive Vessel battery that I've lost for months, still with the cart attached. (keep in mind I have currently no THC) But it wasn't working so I spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong until I found this. Turns out it was number 2 all along, I never would've known. Thanks so much man!

  6. 🙏 Thank You Soooooo MUCH!! You just saved me a lot of 💵. I think your a great instructor. You kept my attention. That’s not an easy job in it’s self.. then to actually teach me how to do it myself.. I’m impressed 😂🥳💨💨💨💨

  7. Very true on the these things are expensive and how bummed you are when you have to anticipate if it's going to work or not. Also I used a paper clip to start and then had to double down to a safety pin… that's how I got the little thin wires to touch and go inside the piece that flew out of the borrow of glass area. So again, thank you!! I watched all the way through just incase. And it's so cool to know that now I can fix it probably anytime I need to.

  8. Bruh! You fixed my issue w issue number 2. And just like u said in the beginning/ every other video claims "this piece has to be touching this piece" and blah blah blah. Nope. Lol. Thank you so much! You truly contributed to a panic attack. 💗💗

  9. Thank you, My cart was in my pocket while i slept and was hitting in my pocket , anyway i try to smoke it this morning wont work, took it apart, played with those wires and its working now 🙂 thanks

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