CartDub Vape Cartridge Preheater. The best way to refill 510 oil cartridges in bulk.

In this video, Dan Hoff shows off another episode with the CartDub Cartridge Preheater. last time Dan showed how the Cart dub was one of the safest, best, and most effective ways to recover oil stuck in 510 thread vape carts. It is a very easy procedure, especially when combined with an oil recovery kit. However, in this video, we will show you how the cart dub system is one of the best ways to also preheat and fill your 510 thread vape cartridges. Whether you are an industrial user or an individual this is a safe, secure, and much more efficient way to fill or load those 510 thread vape carts with oil. Each Cart dub is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty and will fit a majority of the 510 thread vape carts. More detailed info and instructions at

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