Cartisan Vape Pen 510 Ego Battery Review

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In this video we will discuss a new brand Cartisan out of New Jersey. This brand specializes in cartridge battery vape devices. They have everything from your usual one button click vape pens, spinners to your more advanced box mod units. They also carry a variety of conceal vape devices such as the cartisan black box and the cartisan keybd. For more info or to purchase click the link. Discount Vape Pen carries a wide variety of Cartisan vape devices.



  1. pc of crap. all cartisan. problematic with GG cartitridges. nothing but probs. i got the spinner 1100 mah and i got two gg oils. 1st oil? nothing but connection issues and charger that came with it was broken. got new charger for $5 and it charged then worked. just screwed on 2nd oil (same exact gg) and it wont burn the oil and yes, its charged, cartisan is crapisan.

  2. Why do these cartisan batteries not show cartisan on the bottom. The video says that they will have that on the bottom.. I have ordered the batteries twice and they do not show it.

  3. I'm disappointed in the Cartisan Spinner 900mah (3.3V to 4.3V). The battery life is VERY short even with the power turned all the way down (barely lasts 2 hours with light use at the lowest setting). I typically use Kangertech EVOD batteries and they last 3 times as long despite being a smaller battery. I use an Aspire single atomizer reservoir with them. The Cartisan Spinner doesn't last long enough to be worth the purchase. I'd need to carry around at least 5 of them just to get through the day because they go dead so fast. The only good thing I can say about them is that they charge about 3x as fast as the Kangertech batteries.

  4. I need 2 refill thc cartridges, WHERE, IM DYING…CAN I get it @smokeshop or regular vapeshop? I live in Plainfield area in NJ 07060… please ANY ANSWERS???? HELLLP MEEEE

  5. So I have the 1300, I am a user of bigger units, and while not a noob, I am somewhat new… I cannot find any instructions on how to USE the Spinner 1300. I get the basics… 5 clicks to turn onoff, hold to puff, and voltage on the bottom… nothing that tells me what the double click and green slow blinking light are for. ๐Ÿ™

  6. Fuck this piece of shit,, cant even make it through one cartrdge and its already blinking and bullshit! Piece of shit. I shouldnt have to spend hours online trying to learn how to fix it- sticking it with a paper clip to try to get this sack of shit to work,, as well putting the cartrdge on and off i dunno how many fuckin times.we shouldnt have to do this with these expensive pens! Maybe they should sell it with a fix it book. Fuckin bullshit. Dont buy this crap.

  7. Hey man, my cartisan battery isnโ€™t charging I think. When I put the battery in the charger it stays red, the battery blinks red, then the charger goes green and nothing happens. Any input to help me?

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