CBD Vape Guide || How To, Best Brand, Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects Of Vaping CBD Oil & MORE!

This guide describes how to vape CBD oil, the best CBD vape brand for CBD vape juice (aka E liquid), pens & cartridges, the correct dosage, benefits, side effects, pros, cons & more about vaping CBD oil! 🔴 THIS: https://bit.ly/3onTUMF (10% discount: CBD10off4u) is the brand we recommend when it comes to vaping CBD. Their products are 100% natural, very high-quality and DON’T contain the harmful PG substances!

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  1. I take CBD oil, but seems that it’s not strong enough to help with the pain I have. It’s been beneficial to my anxiety but I am in need of something stronger. My mom works at a hemp company so I trust their products! Now I just need to find what is best for me. Thanks for this video!

  2. I have a question?.. I've Heard you compare vaping CBD to smoking cigarettes (and found that there is no comparison). However, is vaping CBD comparable to traditional vaping (I'm referring to the vaping that has put some people, mostly juveniles in hospitals with collapsed lungs). I would like to try the vaping pen for my anxiety (and stop drinking wine all the time) but not at the price of a lung.

  3. Do you know if its effective with Epilepsy? Being Epileptic I'm tempted to try and see if my neurologist thinks it with help.. anybody with advice please comment reply..

  4. Thank you for the videos
    I’m looking to vape cbd via a pen or via cartridges or pods. The company you mention delivers free inside usa but since I live in Belgium, I was wondering if they too offer free shipping to Belgium or if you can recommend another company

  5. This video is very well done and informative. Honestly perfect video buddy. I have been looking for some more information about CBD oil vaping and here it goes your video just pop in. I do have a lot of anxiety, unfortunately, one way that somehow relaxes me is when I do my gaming streams, I need to watch the other videos you have, especially if you have anxiety as well, you know already how to deal with it. You deserve more subscribers for sure. Thank you

  6. I have a vaporesso PM40 deluxe, with 2 coils, one with 0.8 ohms, and one with 0.6 ohms, can i use CBD Juice for vape, with one of these coils? The maximum power of the mod is 40watts. Pls help me!! Tkss

  7. Thank you so much. You sound like such a nice guy. I hope your anxiety is doing better from the CBD. Also, I found this video so incredibly helpful for myself. I hope you keep making videos that you enjoy:)

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