Choosing the Best Vape Cartridge for Dab Concentrate โ€“ HoneyStick Wax Atomizers Selection

Are you on the market for a new Wax Tank to go with your mod battery? Are you looking for the best vape cartridge for dab concentrate? This video goes through the ins and outs of the hottest vape tanks offered by HoneyStick for wax, dabbing, and vaping concentrates. These get explained by Dan Hoff the COO of HoneyStick as we run through the features, specs, advantages, and disadvantages of each tank and do an overall general comparison. If you want the best performing Wax Tank or atomizer for your lifestyle, this video will help you understand the best comparisons in concentrates vaping.

This video will bring in-depth and detailed closeups of the Dab tanks and their coils and parts and discuss the power / performance levels of each one. When choosing your next wax and dab tank make sure you watch this video before you do so!

Check out the Wax Cartridge Mega Bundle, Dan mentioned in the video:
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  1. im confused, does the concentrate spill out of the bowl if the vape mod is laying on its side? i assume heating up wax or shatter will turn it into a liquid oil, how does it stay in the bowl when its lying on its side? i used to vape e-liquid.

    im looking into buying my mom a portable vaporizer for shatter. what is temp control, should i look for one with it for vaping shatter? she also smokes cigarettes so im gonna buy her a vape for that as well. the e-cig vape i was looking to get is a vaporesso forz which is 5-80w with freemax dual coils 60-90w (free base liquid). i dont think she'll want to change the wattage and tank every time she switches between the two so i think ill get another vape mod just for shatter. should i just get two vaporesso forz since its the cheapest i could find that takes a replaceable 18650 (which i want) $48 canadian, or should i get one with temp control?

  2. I get why you don't. But seeing it loaded/Vaped is the main reason for searching this kind of video. Pretty much forces me to watch someone else's vids instead. Thanks for being upfront about it though and not make me waste time watching. Hopefully YouTube changes its policy or your able to pick up sponsors and post videos with the full review

  3. Does anyone know if that last tank would work on my AEGIS solo kit by geek vape ? & side question – I'm currently in upstate NY & vape on Poet electronic nectar – Dolce Nero te .. I was having it shipped & now this week going to order – I can't .. No one seems to be sending & I've seen a video on but is there Any company that sells poet or another that's a great flavored nicotine eliquid that'll ship to NY now ? There's a shop near by but only sells tobacco flavor – I'd rather not

  4. Very informative as usual! Just received my Extreme 2.0 and 60w Sport battery combo!!!! Loving it so far and all the other products I own from you guys. Which is a lot! Bummer about the tank bundle after I just spent $42 on one though.

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