Clearing the Air: Vaporizing Dry Herb vs Vaping Oil

TVape helps with clearing the air about vaporizing dry herb and vaping oil and the differences between.


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  1. What I'm really curious about though, does vaping the dry herb negate all the cons of vaping? You hear all these reasons not to vape, but I'm assuming they are just talking about the vape pens. What I'd really like to no is the differences from a health standpoint.

  2. I am new to all this, but would like to get one of these vaporizers to help me sleep. I always hear and read that vaporizing is bad for your lungs. Is this true if you're only vaporizing pure dry herb?

  3. Not to mention e-cigarettes are or becoming more and more unhealthy because scientist finding that the heated water contains toxins that people inhale and developing serious lung problems. So the way to go is dry herb vaporizers.

  4. GREAT video bro! I had no idea what happens to the raw material while it was being vaporized. I thought the material just burned….so what happens to the left over plant matter?

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