CoolJarz™ A10 Hotshot Vape Cartridge Filler Machine – How to Set Up / Assemble

CoolJarz™ is proud of their latest Vape Cartridge Filling Machine, the A10 HotShot. Cart filling is tough, especially when your liquid is super think distillate. CoolJarz™ gives you the “How to” get it done quick and effective with nearly zero waste. In this video, we cover how to set up your new A10 HotShot 1500 and get it ready for the first batch!

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A10-HotShot™ 1500 Cartridge Oil Filling Machine | IN-STOCK | READY TO SHIP

CoolJarz™ is introducing the all-new, totally-redesigned A10-HotShot™ 1500 Vape Cart Filling System, a lightning-fast system that lets you fill 12,000 vape cartridges, pens or syringes a day. The HotShot series (1500 and 750) shows you how to fill vape cartridges easy and it’s reliable and precise! This HotShot can run thicker oil and comes with extra attachments to make filling carts easier than ever.

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