1. Why does my battery blink blue when i press it down to pull? first time medical marijuana user here. i tried to charge it, but the button isnt lighting when plugged in

  2. Omg u can tell u don't fucj with legit shit much ffs doing ALL these dumb fucjin cart test what u ONLY do if u do NOT KNOW wtf the shit came from but ffs when u yourself got it at the fkn dispensary u know it's NOT FAKE ffs WHY waste of time to react like it's a fuckin street cart ffs this shit is for ppl like me with a fkn tolerance n LOT of fkn pain ain't got time to waste on bullshit we don't give any fucks about cuz we don't fuck with the street shit ergo ZERO reason to treat it the same shit piss me off waste of time this hole thing cuz u don't even know wtf the other carts are like smh

  3. I grabbed a few curleaf carts at a dispensary in NY. They were cheaper because it was a new vendor and the oil was dark and tasted burnt. They were made in March it said on the package. Hoping to get a fresh product when I go back.

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