Discreet 510 Vape Battery Showdown (ft. Randy's Charm, Atmos Micro Pal, CCell Silo, HD Cloak)

Discreet style 510 vapor cartridge battery comparison review.

Batteries in this video:
Randy’s Charm
Atmos Micro Pal
CCell Silo
Hamilton Devices Cloak

Our favorite grinder: https://geni.us/8GLTpHC
Our favorite glass cleaner: https://geni.us/oXaBj
This video was created with: https://geni.us/VbP42e

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  1. Bump:
    I'd like to note that I find absolutely no issues with the draw on my silo. a nice slow steady draw produces a perfect hit, every time. I was really nervous after watching this review, while waiting for my silo to arrive. but it draws fine and gives a strong consistent rip. Your experience may vary I suppose.

  2. randys charm – mine broke at the button within a week. worked great till then. apparently a lot of people had the same issue. i took it apart and tried to fix it but decided all the parts were too cheap to waste any more time on.

  3. Well dude you've convinced me. I'll take the Incognito cloak one for my B Day. Oh, B Day reminder msg as well. B days next week so DM for my address, had to move outta grandmas basement. I couldn't quit pinchin' off her plants!
    Love the vid bro!

  4. Be extremely careful with the β€œCLOAK” one day I felt something burning in my pocket , sure Enough the cloak was burning up and about to explode! It was good quality but extremely dangerous after using for a month.

  5. Hey I know this is old now not sure if you check comments still. Wondering tho If you reviewed that battery you mentioned at the end. The m2? Was a dope review tho appreciate the info πŸ™πŸ½

  6. I've been a huge CCELL fan for the past few years but I tried a buddies cheap pen and forgot how easy it was to suck through a threaded battery. I think I'm gonna try the cloak next.

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