Distillate Vape VS Live Resin Vape

I have more recently been turning to other types of carts and pods instead of distillate, and have had people ask me about Live Resin carts, so here we go!


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  1. lol wasn't much of a break down, but one nevertheless. Like this one. Unrefined Live Resin is better amd longer. Now, Rosin cartridges are the best.

  2. Distillate has crap flavor, but typically higher THC than live resin. Dude spent $15 on a cart and then complained about the quality, that’s the funny part. My shop has zips for $36 that are shit but you have to know what you’re getting yourself in to at that price point.

  3. I've heard it all and tried it all. Despite what they say i think distillate is the best to be specific Plug N' Play. Live resin just has that taste if you are into that and even then it is not always good or done well and does nothing more outside of taste, that entourage crap only works sometimes. True quality distillate still edges out live resin cart if what you care about is getting medicated and staying medicated. My experience.

  4. From Portland OR during the Oogle riots of 2020.
    Fuck DISTILLATE. FECO/RSO, Live resin only. I JUST bought a Gcart of Green Dragon Full extract cannabis oil. Tastes amazing. 62 percent. Heavy indica. $20 full gram top shelf carts. Dr.Jollys, Ohm, White label, Select, etfuckincetera. We are SO spoiled. $2 prerolls rolled in oil. $5 eights of centerfold type shit. We have reached a crazy saturation point with more dispensaries than starbuxks and McDonalds combined. We got rosin machines in the shop that will make rosin from the bud you just bought. We got 5000mlg bottles of syrup that gets you helplessly stoned for days after you drink it. Also. FUCK DISTILLATE

  5. Just seeing this video and freaking out over the extended alternate cut of the theme song!! Is this avail on iTunes or anywhere? Also awesome video. I like the resin a lot. Here in Florida, Curaleaf is the best place for it.

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