1. I didn't see the other vid and found this one because I burnt the cotton in the cart that I just got last week, so it's full of cannabis oil and would like to salvage it if possible. I literally brought it home from the dispensary and didn't even get a good hit off of it, the vaping box mod that I used was unfortunately cranked up for e juice use and is how I fried the damn thing when I took a rip and was terrible. It's delicious granddaddy purple live resin with 80% THC and has very flavorful terpenes inside, so I really want to extract and replace it into a good cart. I don't do combustibles much and vape most everything, so dabbing is not an option and is why I need to put it back into a vape cartridge. Hopefully heating it up will work for me, are they threaded or pressed in ?

  2. So buy 5 carts save 1/4 of each cart and now you have 1 extra fucking bodonker!!!! Rape!!! Hybrid dab cart !!! That tweaks you out and relaxes your mind having you stoned for , a hour if not hours.

  3. I use my carts on my BIG vape but it goes down to 5 wats. Wellll I forgot to drop my voltage down from 95 volts so I immediately fried my coil and I knew I needed to know how to so this. Lol although I got OGK carts so imma remove the mouthpiece and pour it over

  4. Bro a big thank you to you I just bought a cart just right now n I just drop it 😥 😔 😟.. now off to try to save as much as I can.. thanks a lote

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