DMT Vape Pens (Pros & Cons) *My Thoughts*

Recently been seeing people talking about DMT Vape Pens.. So I thought I should talk about it haha.

Hope you all enjoy! Much love & Peace!

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  1. It's an awesome idea.. they work great… You aren't going to breakthrough most likely, but I felt it was a nice way to familiarize myself with dmt.. had quite a few nice time out of just one cart

  2. I feel like even if a person would how we call abuse it they would eventually meet that trip where it's life changing or scares the shit out of them enuff for them to respect dmt and its teachings other then its feelings

  3. This is the first time I use dmt cartridge and not work by not showing me the visuals , other than just the euphoria . Could it be that I burned out build tolerance and need to wait like a week before doing it again ?!

  4. I just finished my first N,N, DMT vape pen. At first I didn't get breakthroughs. Then I improved my method. I used the high (red) heat setting. Hold the button for 2 seconds, then inhale as he did with the fake pen. Then hit it again fast. Potential for abuse? Damn straight! I went on 2 long roller coaster rides that used over half a gram altogether. I went into another dimension, for sure. The experience was very intense, so much so that I felt drained for days afterwards. Potential for abuse? Yes, definitely. But, I don't see limiting the experience as being the answer. I have another pen coming, and I'm going to show some restraint- I hope!

  5. Where is the break through? Been tripping for decades and just want to have this experience. I got a pen. Was shit.. Used a more powerful battery. A lot better. Appreciate this one off opportunity, but don't seem to have the invitation to the tryptamine palace

  6. It didnโ€™t work for me at all Iโ€™ve never felt like I was crossing over into another dimension like Joe Rogan says or anything I was conscious of mess surroundings it was kind of a letdown for me

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