DMT Vaping | The Impressive Ccell Palm and TH2 Cart

Update 14 May 2021- I now have a Yocan Uni Pro and am finding this device to be just as good as the Palm in many ways, and with a potentially slightly smoother vape quality. I’ll probably publish a video review in due course, but if you wanted the Palm and are having a hard time sourcing one, then look on AliExpress or similar for the Uni Pro. You won’t be disappointed.

The Ccell Palm and TH2 carts represent an extremely versatile setup for ejuice-based DMT vaping.

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IMPORTANT: In this video I filled/mixed the spice and ejuice directly in the cartridge. I now utterly CRINGE when I watch this bit of the video! A dedicated concentrate syringe is cheaply available which makes this process soooooooooooooo much easier.
Here is one example
Ebay Link

See my Instagram for pics (9 Feb 2021)

IMPORTANT: When the cart runs dry, STOP VAPING IT! Don’t try to wring the last possible drop out of it unless you’re prepared to run the risk of it burning out. This fate seems to have just befallen one of mine (27 Dec 2020)

Reddit post that this video is replicating

First time – Report – Chickened out, then BAM from DMT

0:00 Intro on ejuice vaping
0:46 Ccell Palm Intro
1:45 Ccell TH2 Cart Intro
02:33 TH2 Hole Sizes
03:27 TH2 Mouthpiece Options
04:01 Filling Cartridges
04:20 The Infamous Wooden Cartridge Holder
05:42 DMT/Ejuice ratios
06:43 PG vs VG ejuice
07:52 Dissolving DMT In Ejuice
08:21 Using For MAOI-Augmented DMT Trips
09:27 Using For Regular DMT Trips (non-augmented)
10:17 Intro To Vaping Technique
11:45 Recommended Vaping Technique
12:44 Battery Life
13:39 Emesh vs Ccell

Shopping list all available from (not sponsored)
In USA try

– Ccell Palm Battery
– TH210 (1ml) cartridge with 2.0mm holes – for regular 1:1 ejuice/spice mx)
– TH210 (1ml) cartridge with 1.2mm holes – for weaker 350mg/0.8ml mix for use with MAOI

Note it’s OK to use the 2.0mm hole version for weaker mixes than 1:1 but you should add make sure your ejuice is thick enough or leaks will result. If in doubt, add a little VG, or buy a juice with a higher VG blend.

Update 31 Jan 2021 – For MAOI use I’m now using the 1.2mm hole version with a 350mg/0.65 spice/pure PG mix. This solves the leak and is still nicely controllable.
Battery life calculations
Coil resistance measured at 2.1 ohms at 10deg C, find resistance at 170C assuming Ni at TCR 690

resistance at 170 = (.0069 * 160) + 2.1 = 3.204ohms

Therefore assuming full 3.7V across the coil, power = Vsquared/R = 4.27W at 170degC

Current at 170C = Power/Voltage = 4.27/3.7 = 1.15A

time at 170C for same = 0.5/1.15 = 0.435 hours = 26 mins = 150 ten second tokes – But will be less than this because more current will be drawn on the heatup when the resistance is lower.
Therefore ball park estimate of greater than 100 ten second tokes or greater than 200 five second tokes




  1. for some reason , my dmt cartridge doesnt work anymore after going to the festival and tripping, few days after doing dmt i dont see any visuals or anything , just the euphoria , could it be that i burned out and need a week recovery before doing dmt again ?

  2. Use a shot glass in hot water. Add pg to shot glass. Add spice to shot glass. Then use a syringe to fill. Less likely to have any issues this way.

  3. Ive been using this exact setup for a year or so and its great. I do 0.4 ml pg 0.1ml vg, 500 mg dmt. works like a charm. Each 1ml of solution gets an average of 100 hits, so 500/100 5mg per hit. Holding it in is obviously the way to max results. Great vid.

  4. How long does a 500mg of a spice cartridge last and does it keep ok for a month or two? This question is a bit tricky but how much spice do think is used with each toke???

  5. ok i've found what i want. No messing around with RTA's or worrying about temp controls. I've got a geek vape max in the cupboard but no rta or drip tip yet so i'll leave that in there for now. My first DMT session is about to happen but not until nxt wk. Got me scales yesterday, got me 1000mg in the draw. Was gonna have a little test with the oil pipe first then buy the rta an everything else for the geekvape but heard yourself and Adeptus Psychonautica chatting about this Ccell thing. So quickly came here and the simplicity for someone new is very attractive.

  6. Hey minty I just tried this and it was so harsh I was left gasping for air and didn't recover fully for a few hours. It tastes/mouth feels almost like there is still sodium hydroxide in the spice. Like it stings my mouth and tastes like metal. It's there a way to wash the base out of the spice before I try mixing this again?

  7. great video. Thank you for shaging your experience and wisdom!.
    How many tokes does one get per 500ml DMT? And how many mg DMT is required for a breakthrough? Thank in advance.

  8. Can't get pure PG currently but I can get 50/50. I have a spare 1ml cart I can use. Refillable all glass cart, only the base atomizer is metal where it has to be, the rest is ceramic no cotton.

  9. Man, I had to come tell you what just happened…I was screwing a cart i made onto my battery and the tank came right off and EVERYTHING fell out. Man oh man I'm glad I can spare some! Right after I put 60 mg harmine in my mouth. I loaded my yocan with 26 mg and grabbed my extra cart. Will be a fun 2-3 hour journey! now im going watch your guide to fear you just posted. Thanks for the knowledge brother.

  10. You probably won't see this in time, but I'm making my carts in about an hour and unfortunately I only have .5 ml cartridges. I have perfectly clean and white crystals so I'm going to try .15 ml PG to .35 dimitri. I have some room for error so I'll try out different ratios and test the potency of each one. Awesome video thanks for laying the foundation!

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