Dompen Midnight Berry Indica Vape Cartridge. Tested and Reviewed.

Although their logo is just Dom, apparently the company is called Dompen. They sell weed vape pens. Pretty cool.

We’re going to review Dompen’s Midnight Berry 1 gram cart. That’s neat, too.

Thanks for being chill.

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  1. I smoked every dispo in FL also brands out of state like rawgarden and bloom and the dom is not it buddy like don’t get me wrong they r not that bad just on the bottom of the line for dist.

  2. I love this cartridge. To me, it's got a wonderful nuanced berry flavor – and it hits me hard. Granted it doesn't taste like weed – but as a bear I'm big on berries. And if you know someone who think weed has to taste like skunk marinated in diesel to get one high – floor 'em with this one.

  3. We have these Dompens in Florida in the MMJ program. Love these cartridges, potent and tasty. Sadly they changed the packaging on them and only get them in tubes. Try the Mango flavor Dompen next you might like it!

  4. The added terpenes will allow you to properly use mango to enhance your high. Usually can’t do it with carts since they lack the terpenes.

    Btw wheeats would love to see another plug and play review. Idk if they sell the new syndicate og where u are but give it a shot.

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