Dooble Vape – double barrel auto draw oil vaporizer by HoneyStick double Vape Cartridge System

Dan Hoff and James from Honeystick demo and debut the New Dooble the indestructible double barrel auto draw vaporizer. This is the only concealer allowing you to do multiple strains and multiple flavors at the same time. Enhance your vaping experience with mix and match as well as monster rips. Within this video the team also puts the new cartridge case to the toughness test and does some experiment. Sames shows off its vaping capability with blowing some monster quad cartridge rips in something called double-doobling. This is the only auto draw vape that can take your power level, your ability to mix , and stay stealth to the next level. The Dooble is the best 2 cart vaporizer on the market! #doubledooble

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  1. What’s the point of this lol it would have been way better if you put both 510 threads right next to each other so you can smack two carts at one time this is pointless

  2. Bought two Dobbles last week. The white was is on backorder, but to my surprise Honey Stick has a yellow and black one that looks amazing! Was a little skeptical about a auto draw double barrel vape but this thing changed my mind.. put the magnets on your 510 cartridge and you're ready to vape. The vape has two charging ports that charge pretty fast i must say. Being able to vape two amazing flavors of your favorite oil is probably the best thing to happen since ice cream and cake! This vape surprised me since you can't change the voltage. Definitely pulls excellently!

  3. I wish you made the cartridge case a little larger (taller). It doesn't work with 0.5ml Phantom cartridges, or regular pre-filled 0.5ml cartridges. Nice case though.

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