Effex Delta 8 Vape Cartridges Review |(not so) Shabazz Shorts|

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  1. I gotta say, I only smoke regular herb maybe once a month now. That being said I’ve ordered hundreds and hundreds of grams of delta 8 through multiple vendors, and Delta Effex has to be towards the bottom of my list. Purely due to taste, maybe it’s the flavors you got. But my 2 were super funky. I got Maui waui and purple punch. I always order 2 carts before to try the disty before I buy any bulk. And I did not order anything else after those 2. Same with the new reefer bay $45 ounce. Good deal, but nothing great. I would say that RB out showed effex by a mile, but RB has this wierd oxidation shit that fucks with me (I know it’s normal but still). Great review though man, ready for the next.

  2. Just copped a EFFEX- Banana Cand (hybrid) cart from the local smoke shop. Haven't really smoked any thc in a while. figured I'd try delta 8 out. See how it feels. Just took a few tokes and can definitely say I'm feeling a lil bit lifted.

  3. Sub’d! You’re cool guy. I’ve been told delta 8 can help me with my anxiety. Can you tell me something about it? Oh and which are good/trustworthy brands besides Effex in your opinion? Thanks bro. Peace ✌️

  4. I definitely enjoy the Granddaddy Purp Effex I got last night! Wanted to see what others think. Mine has a new er package which I think looks a bit nicer, and the mouthpiece is better now (cylindrical shape that widens towards to end) but there is unfortunately no branding on the cartridge which frustrates me as well. It was my first thought upon opening it.

  5. Honestly I would be worried if they are all different cause the lack of consistency on their own branding, what's the chances of lack of consistency on their product

  6. I stopped buying EFFEX cartridges because about 2/3 through them the contents of the cartridge ooze into the mouth piece!! The first time I thought it was a fluke, but the next few cartridges did the same.

  7. Thank you for posting this interesting review. I found some d8 on sale and was wondering if it was a good deal. They have it basically 2 for $62. I’m not sure how much it goes for. The website is ThatSmokeShop.com. Has anyone used them?

  8. I bought the strawberry cough. I didn’t see it labeled as botanical terps. It’s the only and last botanical cart I’ll ever by! Botanical terps are gross and burn your throat!

  9. Great way to describe a cannabis induced panic attack. Never found a way to put it words but the way u did is spot on! Cant stop breathing fast, because if u breathe slow u feel like yer gonna pass out, but breathing fast aids to yer heart racing and the panic. I take two 4 second draws off my delta 8, and smoke a bowl of secret nature cbd flower n I’m set for a while!

  10. man you need to learn how to smoke a cart right, you hitting that bitch so damn hard u not even gonna get much smoke. your supposed to hit it slow and smootly so you get more smoke, not just suck on that shit

  11. Thanks for the review. I'm new to Delta 8 and am not sure where to start. I have chronic pain. THC and CBD don't help. I've also been on oxicontin for 4 years, though it's no longer helping my pain. Since these companies can't mention medical info and if their products help with pain, I'm wondering if someone here can point me in the right direction. Delta Effex is currently offering a sale so I'm about to order from them; though I'm not sure which of their products to try. Any recommendations? Which of their products should I try first? Should I go with a different shop? I've read that the Delta Effex pods clog up, ultimately ending up with wasted product. Should I go with their taller vapes instead? Do they fit normal vape battery sizes? There isn't much info on these sites (not even reviews when viewing on my laptop). Anyone reading this have chronic pain and notice these products helping? If so, which ones help best for pain? Sorry for so many questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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