Fernway Stonefruit Vape Cartridge Review!

Stonefruit by Fernway

Fernway is doing something a little different in the Vape market, by focusing solely on cartridges and specific flavors. Sometimes you just want to taste a sweet candy flavored smoke, sometimes you may want something more Diesel and Earthy. With this line of vapes you’ll definitely find a flavor you love!

First off their packaging is phenomenal. Making it feel like a special occassion with every cartridge isn’t easy, but Fernway gives instructions, flavor descriptions, even a contact at the company if you’re having trouble. It feels like they actually care if you enjoy their product and aren’t just trying to make a quick buck.

I got the Stonefruit and the flavors were really strong and tasted so good! It definitely tasted like a combination of perfectly ripe Plums, Peaches, and Apricots! Made me want to go back for another hit to understand all the terpenes.

Nice high all around, bouncing around and walking the line between Sativa and Indica effects casually during and after my use. Super Stoned, Super Tasty! #420 #cannabis



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