Glass Tip Ceramic Coil (c-cell style) Vape Cartridges – Part 2

These glass tip ceramic coil c-style vape cartridges are extra nice! Typically, the clear tip c-cell style cartridges come with clear plastic tips that are either flat or round. These tips are made out of acrylic plastic. We have been selling the clear plastic tip style for years and they have been great, our customers love them! But, these glass tip cartridges are a whole notch above. If you look carefully, you will see the extra detail and craftsmanship that goes into making each round glass tip. You are will notice the notched-out concentric circles on the bottom of the mouthpiece portion, right below the glass tip.

These cartridges have a heavy, quality feel to them. They are probably 50% heavier than the typical clear plastic tip c-cell style vape cartridges.

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