Good Supply Pineapple Express Cannabis Vape Cartridge Review

Review of the 0.5g “Pineapple Express” 510 Vape Cartridge by Good Supply (Aphria Inc.)
Total THC: 768.14 mg/g (77%)
Total CBD: less than 5 mg/g (0.5%)



  1. So many things wrong with that cart… don’t spend $40 on a half gram cart…horrible deal, and the “new” cart you got…isn’t new. Half asleep of its gone

  2. Honestly I find that I don't even get a high or even a mild buzz off the 510 vape. I've tried bakerstreet and Strawberry ice, both pretty high THC levels but no buzz. I've tried oils, pills, edibles, good old fashion rolling (pre roll and self roll) overall and found that good old fashion rolling or some(most suck) ingestable oils are the most effective.

    I feel like the vapes are a gimmick and waste of money after trying 3 different cartridges but I'll try this pineapple express and decide for sure….

  3. Got a question for you! I just bought the pineapple Express starter kit today, and I was going to put it on the charger so I could have it ready to go, and it won't respond. I've tried turning it on/off, and swapped wall chargers 3 times. I've even tried plugging it into the USB port on my computer. The red light just keeps flashing, no matter how tight or loose I screw the battery on. Do you have any advice on what to do?

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