HIGH FRIENDS! Today we partnered with Dimo Hemp’s Looper to go over every alternative cannabinoid and review the effects of each one. We end of covering SEVEN different alternatives – including D-10, D-8, THO, and more! Each are great legal options with a huge variety of products, like pens, gummies, and even flower. Which is your favorite? Let us know in a comment below, sending good vibes!✨

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0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Are they legal?
0:58 – Dimo Hemp / Looper Sponsorship
1:08 – Delta-9, Delta- 8, Delta-10
2:07 – What is HHC?
2:41 – What is HHC-P?
2:57 – What is HHC-O?
3:34 – What is THC-O?
4:14 – The Vape Test
5:10 – The Taste Test
5:50 – Vape Test 2
6:26 – Light that joint!
6:50 – Outro

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  1. i have anxiety since 2 years and therefore quit smoking weed, i did smoke it with tabacco and some say that the mix with tabacco can cause anxiety. I do miss the lovely herb but i am scared if i smoke pure i will have a panic attack. Do you guys have any tips for good strains for anxiety relieve.

  2. No one will ever take any of this seriously until you ditch the products with the absurd pre-teen bubble gum packageing. You're doing yourselves & everyone else a disservice.

  3. The thing with all the hemp derived products is that because of the legal grey area they are in those products are not regulated. Although they have lab tests they only test for certain things, allowing them to push out a product that could potentially have harmful chemicals. I would advise not to buy vapes, instead get edibles as they have less room for harmful chemicals.

  4. D9- the best. Nothing matches. Not even hhc. The warmth and relaxation stimulation mix I can always feel.

    D8 is like diet d9. It doesn't give the warmth. It does slightly sedate you but not really but you definetly feel a very low ceiling high

    HHC the closest to d9 for me in terms of potency. However you have to hold your hit, and it may take a while. It's a creeper but still, doesn't get you as high as d9. It's different it's not thc.

    Thc-o, Hhc-o, thc-p thc-h
    similar to d9 but doesn't taste good. Gives headaches and meant to be mixed. We are still not sure if these are safe for Human Consumption (as they recently only been released)

    Imo should put a disclaimer that these alt noids, are still not long enough studied on humans. The only one known to be heavily studied safe is d9, 8, THCV

  5. Took some edibles two days in a row and got high the first day but second day I took a lot more and barely felt it?? They usually work for me but I just started back on them after vaping it for a couple months

  6. Keep a pack of Delta 8 Cheif Stix on me for travel to the lands of not-legal. Gives you a vibe but doesn't get you silly, which, I guess is what I'm looking for if I'm shopping 8s.

  7. First experience with delta something and I woke up in the middle of the night in a sheer panic attack. I don't know if my MOM made me try too much… if it was a "ehh" brand … IDK … THANKS MOM …. LOL

  8. Would love some longer videos! I know it’s more work but you two are so funny when doing golf, smoking challenges, q&a’s and so on. Anyways hope this finds you well. 💨🥰

  9. Sending good vibes! Thanks for all your great videos, my wife and I love them! We've tried Delta8 here in Florida and it was like regular weed, actually got high. Problem is going to our med dispensary is cheaper than that stuff, overpriced and unregulated at gas stations. Also, we're fairly certain it gave us both a headache. Haven't tried the others, but as there are no longer term studies on their effects, we are cautious. Any thoughts on price, effect, research, etc.?

  10. The biggest question I have is did the HHCP and/or THCO get you high? I live in Tennessee, and my dispensary makes Delta nine edibles. They are just as good as any edible that I’ve had in California or any of the legal states. It’s a small batch company named Rhize out of Murfreesboro, TN. I’m going to order some looper products and test them out myself. 💚💚I’m very interested in how it works. Thank you for showing the video and I always learn something new from y’all. 💚✌🏼

  11. Thank you a million times! Have been curious about the difference between all the alternativs. Here in Canada, we have only been introduced to Delta 8 so far. We're so behind. Anyway, best wishes for a fantabulous day to youboth. Cheers, Sativa

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