Here's How Pure, Clean Cannabis Extraction Works

Cannabis extraction methodology can be complicated and opaque, leaving consumers to wonder how clean their cannabis oil actually is. Capna Systems, however, makes it simple. Chief development officer Gene Galyuk, inventor of the ethos system, shows us how to quickly go from plant material to pure extract using ethanol as a solvent. Via ethanol extraction, Capna a pure, high-THC concentrate — devoid of superfluous constituents — for use in vaporizers, tinctures, and salves.


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  1. So do they just extract a bunch of sativa plants at a time and then add terpenes after or what cause when you buy vape carts they say sativa, indica, or hybrid but how can they know unless it's all based on the terpenes they add? If they take one big batch of oil from all different plants then they wouldn't really know if it's a hybrid or whatever so they base it upon which terps they put in it? Cause a lot of people say it's the terpenes that cause the different feeling and not the actual strain. I heard they needed something to market it back in the day and they came up with the whole sativa/indica thing based on the way they grow different. I guess scientists looked into all this stuff….🤣 but for real there was an article in the insider magazine about it.

  2. I suffer I'm extreme back pain broke both of my hands shattered my chin my knees my neck my whole body is in pain please where can I get this oil I'm tired of taking painkillers sometimes they don't even work can I please get the address or the website of where I get buy this oil I'm willing to try anything please I'm asking you with all my heart please help me out I don't want to feel pain no more thank you very much God bless you

  3. 0:24 so basically they’re using STREES/REGGIE WEED for the carts ? Do all companies such as PLUG PLAY , HEAVY HITTERS use this same distillation process ? I ask because heavy hitters tend to include their strains “lineage” on their packaging box for ex: BANANA OG will say it’s a cross of og x banana kush…but is it really ??? Or is it all just the same distilled wax just different flavoring ?

  4. To my medicinal friends…any idea why I can smoke the low thc vape just fine, but when I use the higher dose my lungs instantly tighten up, I cough forever and it burns! This shit is expensive but it works! The guy at the pharmacy said they 2 doses are made with a different process. What process could be making me have those symptoms? Just curious since I'm new to it.

  5. Im so glad this is finally a thing. When I was 18 and first got into weed this was the biggest selling point for me. Science. The stuff grows everywhere hence the nickname weed, its edible, has medicinal property's, its structural in the sense that you could build with it and make paper or cloths. I never understood how something so viable and important could possibly be illegal. Its one of the only things that doesn't have any negative side effects. Youre not going to die from it or go blind or loose all your hair. Its like damn…if farmers would dedicate like half an acher or so of land to pot plants it would be enough income to float them in the event of a tragedy like drout or perhaps a bad year of crops, or tornados. Where it would take years to restart a corn field it would only take a couple months to get a pot farm back up and running.

  6. Y'all spend the money and see the difference for yourself. You'll realize that the "high" you've been getting from your fake shit, is just from lack of oxygen

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