Hightimes Cannabis Cup 2021 Michigan Vape Cartridge entries from Element Judged

Watch as I judge and test the 3 vape cartridge entries by element in this Years Hightimes Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition 2021!



  1. Hey buddy can I give you some advice since you’re an official judge. The draw activated battery you’re using is for distillate with a 3.5-3.7v standard. When vaping Live resin or live hash rosin you want to vape at 2.2-2.5v. You’re burning your product man, it’s gonna taste like shit compared to lower V.

  2. 4:38 Man…you really made that harder than it needed to be lol. It's a very simple packaging, I appreciate how light weight it is. Probably helps to have finger nails, but I've had no problem gripping the threaded end with a finger and wedging it out, no need to open the box flap at all. Happy to see Element has usually done well with the Cannabis Cup, hopefully live resin will become the norm for carts, the distillate market is largely garbage (might as well be buying delta 8 nowadays, same process).

  3. I got a gorilla glue #4 live resin cart from Element. 82% thc, 7.5% terps. I get lit from it in comparison to any Distillate cart in Michigan. Full spectrum, no additives, made from fresh frozen flower. I wish they sold 1g carts though.

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