HoneyStick Extreme Vape Cartridge for Dab Concentrates | Wax Atomizer Paired w/ Sub-Ohm MOD Battery

Take your Dabs to the Extreme with this amazing wax atomizer. This puppy has a serious quartz triple coil allowing your wax adventure to go very high watt, monster Rip, amazing taste, and versatility. Each kit also comes with a ceramic donut atomizer for those who really want a purist concentrates experience. This is the latest wax and dab tank from the HoneyStick team meant to be similar to the Honeystick Highbrid cartridge, but much more powerful and appeal to the extreme dabber. 510 threaded hook it up to any mode battery and Let it Rip. A large size bowl allows you to fit a large volume of concentrates into the unit. In this video, Dan Hoff does an unboxing of this awesome tank and will explain the technical specs, discuss how-to’s and switching coils. He also introduces the Extreme Vaporizer Kit, made by pairing Sub-Ohm Sport 60 Watt Mod battery and Extreme vape tank. Check out these monster triple coils fired up and glowing! The Extreme Wax atomizer – the extreme way to vape concentrates.

Get your Extreme Wax Atomizer at https://www.vapehoneystick.com/extreme-atomizer-vape-tank-for-wax-and-dab.html

Oil Vape Tanks Selection: https://www.vapehoneystick.com/oil-cartridges-510-thread

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  1. Looks like I missed out, will these be back in stock soon? I saw the video for the 2.0 but I really love the look and size of this one and the option for the triple or donut coils

  2. You never do an actual damn test so why would they say that your video wasn't meeting their standards when I didn't see nothing wrong with it there's people doing more than you and their videos are still around.

  3. Ok can you send me a email Addres. I live in México so wee have to sort out some deitales. Like if you can send thc cardiges thc wax and all that a lot of piepoel woud love to try you proudect excuose mi spelling

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