HoneyStick Tutorial on 5 Most Common Vaping Mistakes like turning vape pen on/off or fill cartridge

We all make mistakes, and as new vapers, we make more of them even if we read the directions. In this quick and simple video, Dan Hoff from HoneyStick goes over the top five mistakes that vapers make when they are vaping. It can be a simple mistake as not unlocking or turn your battery on/off, in the proper way to fill a vape cartridge, or not placing a magnet onto a cartridge, but nevertheless, it can ruin or stop your vaping experience. Get to know your vaporizer and the various equipment out there so You don’t fall into any of these mistakes. Each one of these tips can save you time and headache in your vaping so enjoy this video and if you have a vaping mistake we didn’t list, drop it into the comments below.

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  1. Here's a mistake. First time using a vape I read two pushes on the button pre-heats the pen, so I pre-heated and hit it. Four times. I got soo F-up I was sick for about 3 hours. Wisps of smoke was coming from the air holes. Not a good feeling

  2. I didn't get a tracking # … I didn't get a order list… They don't answer the phone , they don't answer emails…. They took my damn money…. This is some bull… I really thought y'all were legitimate…

  3. You guys have cheap Chinese products you try to pass off as good products. Ordered two vapes with them breaking within 1 week; then you all try to pass the problem off to the Chinese company y’all get it from. Lmao joke business

  4. I've been through ton's of tanks and Nothing lasts. Latest cart I bought was the powerslug which hit really nice for a few puffs then stopped even after cleaning it really good. I'm a big chiefer. Which cart should I get? I have a 1w to 16w battery

  5. I love your company and concentrate devices! I’ve recently found a great mostly all quartz cart tank from 760 glass. I’ve been making my own nearly just live resin with a few drop of terpenes.

    The tank is all quartz so you can liquify concentrates without diluting and use a lighter or pre heat function on new Vapes to liquify your dab cart. And now it’s a non diluted actual dab. Makes my
    Grams last way longer

  6. Man I have a good mistake for you…. I told my spouse about my new plasma tank!! I looked to see if it shipped and it has been picked up already. I needed to add a 510 battery. She wants a BeeBox. LMAO You’re very convincing !! 😆

  7. Do you guys make a dry herb vaporizer that accepts 510 carts like a mod battery?
    I can’t seem to find one; it seems like I should buy a good battery and a herb atomizer with a 510 thread

  8. that's not true you don't have to have the battery off to fill the cartridge I've been doing it long enough too know and I never clicked five times and I had the same vape battery for a year and a half now and it still works as Good as day one.
    But if you're having this problem with your vapors must not be that good thanks for the heads up,
    cuz I was getting ready to buy a lot of them.

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