How to Charge a Vape Pen – Everything You Need to Know about Charging 510 Thread Battery

Have you ever wondered how to properly charge your vape pen, 510 thread battery, or mod. How long you should charge your vape pen for? what type of wall adapter, or charging cable you should use when you charge your vape? If using a non factory provided cable or charger is ok or what chargers are compatible with your vape?. In this video Dan Hoff, COO of HoneyStick will go through everything you need to know about changing your vape battery and answer those questions and go through the best practices. How you charge your battery does make a difference on the performance and the life of your vaporizer so this video is important in getting the best and most out of your vaporizer, mod, or 510 thread battery. Dan will discuss different cables, and adapters and all the major dos and dont’s!

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  1. I purchased today the HONEYSTICK 510 VV Twist Battery 500 MAH – Variable Voltage.
    First time Vaping. Tried it when I got home. Didn't really get much of a reaction. Tried a few more times in a 4hr period. Then I decided to charge the stick. Right away the light showed red and then within minutes (or seconds) it turned green. I guess I'm confused. If the light shows green so quickly, does this mean that the stick was pre-charged for sale by the manufacturer or am I just being advised via the green light that it is charging. I left the stick plugged in for a few hours and the stick still always showed green. Once the green light comes on and the stick is charging, how do I know when it is fully charged if the green light is always on?

  2. I bought a 510 thread vape pen from a local vape shop and I don't know what kind it is…it came with a USB male charger and it's red but the pen is green….does that mean it's charged?

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