How to Clean Vape Pen Contacts & Threads

In this video we cover how to keep your vapor pen contacts and threads clean to prevent damage to your vaporizer.

Materials required to clean the vaporizer pen contacts:

• 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO)
• Cotton Swabs (aka by the brand name Q-tip)
• Small Dish or container (optional)

General Maintenance:

1 – Pour some ISO into a small dish or container to prevent contaminating the bottle of alcohol (optional).
2 – Remove the skillet heater from the battery base.
3 – Dip one end of the cotton swab into the ISO.
4 – Hold the battery base so the contact end is pointing down, this will help prevent any ISO from leaking into the base that may cause damage to the internal electronics.
5 – Using a circular motion, clean the inside thread base and battery contact.
6 – If the cotton swab come changes color, repeat the above step using clean swabs until the cotton no longer discolors. This make take several repeated cleanings to achieve.
7 – Swab around the outside threads to keep them free from residue.
8 – Clean the skillet heater the same way as the battery base holding the skillet with the contact facing down and swab inside with ISO.
9 – Let the ISO dry completely on both parts before using the pen.

For more information about Vape Pen maintenance please check out our blog:


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