How To Fill: CCELL M6T / C6 Vape Cartridge

Find our arbor press with jig here:

In this video, we review how to properly fill the M6T/C6 Plastic Cartridge by CCELL. We also discuss tools, troubleshooting, and pro-tips to prevent common mistakes.

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  1. WOW! I feel duped and ripped off, what a racket you've got going here! I bought the Palm vape battery and then the CCell 1.Oml glass silver cartridge "press on" Black Ceramic Mouthpiece "
    I watch this video on how to put it all together, and BTFW, "YOU HAVE TO BUY OUR $300 (THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR) CONTRAPTION in order to put it together properly!! I doubt really know what t call it, an unbelievable CON!!
    300 bucks to use a VAPE??
    I thought you were a reputable company. I'm so disappointed, I don't even know what to say! This should not be legal! Greed is ruining this great country. This is truly ridiculous!

  2. A hammer works great to put the cap on and is faster. Seriously a Arbor Press is definitely not needed. A lightish hit with a Hammer or Rubber Mallet works great. Also go with the round tips, Less clogging and easier to cap.

  3. bitch what? i literally took the tip off by getting 2 pairs ofd plyers and i pulled the cap off, filled it up then pushed the cap back on perfectly and tightly with just my thump. WHY AND THE FUCK WOULD YOU NEED A 300 DOLLAR FUCKING HAND FORGE PRESS FOR IT.

  4. For anyone else coming here looking to open these things, it's REALLY hard. So before you do all the crazy shit that everyone else is suggesting, try to pull the pin out a teensy bit for a better connection to the battery. I'd say 1/5th of my cartridges need the pin adjusted by literally just a hair or two.

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