How to Fill the CCELL M6T Vape Cartridge

In this video, we cover how to fill the M6T10 Vape cartridge.

You can find all of our cartridges below:
M6T10 CCELL 1.0 mL poly tamper-proof cartridge:
M6T05 CCELL 0.5 mL poly tamper-proof cartridge:
TH210 CCELL 1.0 mL glass screw on cartridge:
TH205 CCELL 0.5 mL glass screw on cartridge:
TH205-RYS CCELL 0.5 mL glass tamper-proof cartridge:

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“Hi! Mark here with Hamilton Devices. Today I’m going to show you how to fill authentic CCELL cartridges. Now this one is the M6T10 series. This is a polycarbonate cartridge with a plastic tip. This is a press on cartridge versus a screw on tip. This is a 1 gram cartridge and I’ve prefilled my syringe. You want to make sure that you never insert more than what a cartridge is rated for. So if it’s a 1 gram, you’re going to put 1 mL of fluid into it. Okay, you see the little center post here? You’re not going to fill that guy up. Go to the side and fill up the body of it. Okay, here it goes. Insert this guy and inject my fluid in there. Alright. Now, these once again are press on tips. So you will have to get this guy on. Traditionally, what is used is what’s called an arbor press, where you’ll put it in and it’ll squeeze it in and get it all the way on. If you’re doing this at home, traditionally that’s what most folks are using, or maybe a larger size of Channellocks. Make sure you do pad those so you’re not scratching or crushing any of the plastic tips. And it would go all the way in.You’ll want to let it sit and it will start to absorb. I did fill it a little short, but it will absorb into the ceramic core and you’ll have a little head space there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at, thanks for watching, hope to see you soon