How To Fill The CCELL TH2 Vape Cartridge

In this video, we cover how to fill the TH205 Vape cartridge with a syringe. Don’t overfill the cartridge! You can find CCELL authentic cartridges on Hamilton Devices website.

“Hi! Mark here with Hamilton Devices. Today I’m going to show you how to fill authentic CCELL carts. First i’m going to start with the TH205 series, this is the half gram cart. We’ll start by taking the top off, screw the top off there. I have prefilled my syringe. One thing you really want to make sure of, if it’s a half gram or a full gram, do not overfill the cart. So make sure you get your syringe exactly where the 0.5 or 1.0. And then what we’re going to do, we’re not going to put anything in that top post there, we’re going to be going to the side and insert it there and let it go in. This will start to settle in a bit, it does take a little time for it to absorb fully in. And then we’re going to start to screw our cap back on, nice and gentle. Once we get that secured on there the solution will start to actually absorb more too, and it’s going to look like it will actually reduce. What’s actually happening is it’s absorbing into the cotton layer for the ceramic core. Also it will create what we call headspace, so you’ll have a little bit of space here at the top. And usually I like to leave the covers on the top of the mouthpiece and the bottom of the threadings. So we’ll just set this aside and then it’ll absorb in and it’ll be ready to use in approximately thirty minutes. If you have any questions, reach us directly at, thanks for watching, hope to see you soon