How to fill vape cartridge with oil or e-juice. Tutorial using four most common 510 cartridge types

This Video is being brought to you by the makers of the Oil Recovery Kit your preferred oil removal kit for broken Cartridges and the best way to fill and remove oil from prefilled cartridges. One of the most common questions vapers drop over here at HoneyStick is how to fill the most common types of vape cartridges. Many people do make mistakes by not filling their oil vape cartridge properly which could lead to their cartridges, not vaping, flooding, becoming inoperable, oil getting wasted, and even breaking the battery.

In this quick video, Dan Hoff shows you how to properly fill the 4 most common types of vape cartridges. He will show and demo it step by step to ensure you don’t overfill them or cause any leaking. This includes showing you how to fill Wicked Cartridges, Blue Plug Carts, Center Post pen vape cartridge, Pressure seal, and full reservoir cartridges. We take intimate close-ups and discuss the major do’s and donโ€™ts when filling up your cartridge. this video will contain some pro tips to ensure you donโ€™t waste another drop.

Oil Recovery Kit:
Wick Oil Vape Cartridge:
Performance 510 Oil Cartridge:
Disposable Full-Ceramic Vape Cartridge:
The Liberty Cloud Vape Cartridge:

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  1. Great video. I have ordered the kit. I have a dozen carts that are less than 1/4 full. I tried to get the top off and it does not unscrew and it does not let me pull it off with force. What do I do?

  2. This helped me with a vape refill issue I was having. Apparently the vape cartridge and refill cartridge I bought didn't come with instructions. Heck when I bought it I was doing so for convenience. I'm new to the vape scene and didn't know that there were different types of mods or batteries. For us old people the lighter part of an E-cigarette. Not to mention the different types of pods or cartridges. Again for us old people the liquid part of the E-Cigarettes that you smoke. I heard refillable and said yay cheaper!

  3. do you have to heat up the oil at all? i have a medical card in my state and am considering buying the thc oil already in a syringe. can i just shoot it in or do i have to heat it up?

  4. And what do you mean if you used live resin… or full spectrum it would be plenty dark. Bad move using vape juice. SMH. Get that shit outta here!

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