How to fix a broken vape oil cartridges? Easily transfer CBD, THC…

Save My Oil kit easily allows you to transfer oil from a broken cartridge to another. Anyone can do this, it will save you lots of money! Spread the word.

How to fix a broken oil cartridge?

If your oil cartridges are broken or there is valuable oil is left in your old ones, you can use a Save My Oil Kit to consolidate them into one working one. Many people have a box of old cartridges. When you have a code red and are out of oil this can save you. If cartridge breaks in your pocket and the glass is cracked and it only a matter of time before your oil leaks out. You can quickly set it up in Save My Oil Kit to transfer the oil.

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  1. Went to take a lid off a shit cart that wouldn't work an bitch cracked all the way down the glass.. It was a mess still saved some but got one more just can't get the lid off it screws off .. I just think its stuck cause oil is in it r something.. Stay stoned…100. DA FAM.

  2. Yo dude, you totally saved my oil. I had a cart that wasn’t working and I transferred it as shown (minus the fancy device) and it worked! Thanks.

  3. I had a faulty cartridge and discovered this 5 Star Gadget. It worked like a charm and I was able to salvage a $40 cartridge. Thank you for this wonderful item. Sharon in Allentown PA

  4. Do you have an old ball point pen that has a metal tip and the cartage is plastic? Remove the metal part from the plastic part. Remove any ink from the metal ball point. The short end of the ball point will be put on the good cartage for the oil to dip down and the longer part of the ball point goes into the broken cartage containing the oil. My battery is a B52 and I can put cartages in the battery. I use one of those paperclips where you squeeze the black metal open to grasp a small stack of papers together to make a stand instead of buying or making something that you really don't need in order to recover your oil. Best wishes for a successful adventure doing it my way.

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