How to fix a clogged Delta 8 vape cartridge

21 & 18 years old only. This is my personal thoughts on Delta 8 THC. It’s legal in all states as it comes from the hemp plant and contains less then 0.3% Delta 9 THC

I am a medical marijuana patient and I am giving my personal thoughts and how I like using Delta 8! Any products you see or hear about are bought with my own funding there is no paid backing behind my opinion.

Today we are talking about how to fixed a clogged or gunked up delta 8 cartridge! This is just one of many ways you can fix them if you run into an issue with a cart that is clogged up or finicky with whicking! Just use a hair dryer for a few seconds and in no time your back in action!

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  1. i have one of these big ass 2.5g canna river disposables and they’re so annoying, i opened mine then didn’t use it for 4-5 days and it clogs pretty much after every time i hit it it’s incredibly difficult to unclog

  2. Best method I've seen. Any attempt to unclog from the top just seems to flood the thing more. If the stuff starts coming out of the bottom does that mean I got it too hot?

  3. i got one of these and it wont hit. the kight blinks when i try to take a pull off of it. i tey to charge it but the light doeant come on. i tried warming up the oul but still no luck.. any ideas?

  4. I have a 1.5 gram cake bar and it not like detachable but usually I keep the mouth piece on cause then it gets clogged but I did the air dryer thing and I pretty sure maybe it messed it up cause there air flow like right below the chamber and it keep getting stuck and I think it might be spitting in my mouth and shit but idk and when it actually gets unstuck the thing makes pretty loud and is rly smooth but not anymore doesent even make a noise anymore but it’s fine because it almost finished anyways but yeah

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