1. what model is this? can you set a specific temp? all the heated magnetic stirrers with temperatures u can set are crazy pricy (thats i can find). im trying not to break 100F

  2. I highly recommend to not go with that terpene company because those terpenes are botanical derived terpenes the best I know atm is clearNation they sell legit cannabis Derived terpenes waaay better than botanical derived

  3. I don’t even know what you started with? Just regular oil? I want to know how you take shatter and turn it into that oily substance. I don’t know if your supposed to decarb the shatter? I heard that’s a waste unless edibles. And if I take 3.5 grams of shatter with .4 ML of terpenes, I’ll only have 4- 1 gram carts? I’m better off doing dabs. I love good oils, but just to damn expensive.

  4. Why people try to get all technical and use a magnetic stir bar to look cool only to loose or waste material during the. Lean up folks don’t do it like this stupid ass shit stir with a damn dab tool in a tiny glass jar or here a novel fucking idea put a chunk in yo empty cart drop one tiny drop or terps in and hit the glass of the cart with a torch till they melt the shake yay ya done and ah yes it works just fine fucktards

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