How to make Shatter Vape Carts

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This video is a reupload of the very first video I ever made. I will show you how to make THC E-Juice for filling THC Carts using just terpenes. The process is simple. First decarb your shatter:
I then applied 10% terpenes to 1 gram of concentrate (0.1ml of terpenes to 1ml of concentrate). The THC content was approximately 75% in the concentrate I used, so a 10% reduction would bring it down to 67.5% THC content. I heated the mixture on a hotplate and used a magnetic stirrer to spin a magnetic stir bar. I then took the THC vape juice into a syringe and put it into the cartridge.

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►Hot Plate with Stirrer –
►Temperature Gun:
►Renova Zero THC Vape:


00:00 – Supplies Required
00:35 – Measure your Concentrate
00:50 – Decarb
01:15 – Add Terpenes
02:20 – Pull into Syringe
03:10 – Fill Vape Cart
04:00 – Hitting the Vape




  1. I recommend the oil bath method get a glass e juice container drop ur wax inside heat up oil to 250°F – 270°F its done when there's no more bubbles mix in terps
    .1ml – .2ml of terps or .8ml of wax liquidizer then put the cap on it shake it to mix it up then put it back in the oil bath let it settle then shake again for a good mix then back in the oil bath let it settle and while its still hot pull it into a syringe makes it much easier to mix no torch or heat gun needed bcuz its in an oil bath so its heating it from all sides much better method imo

  2. I knew the comments would be awesome for this video 😂😂… very informative video though. Facial expressions made it seem like if I didn’t listen to you, I would die.

  3. Hey what's up man I need your help I'm new to this and the shatter I've been getting seems to take so long to decarb if it even does I don't think it is I had one in there for three hours yesterday and still seen bubbles rise from bottom to top why is it not breaking down? Even when I take out add terpenes a couple times still no movement I added EJ mix 2 and barely any movement and now my vape cart tastes bad

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