How to make THC Vape Carts using ANY of these 7 Cannabis Concentrates!

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In this video, I take 7 different kinds of cannabis concentrate and make them all into THC Carts. In this video I show you how to turn: Shatter, Sugar Wax, Live Resin, Caviar, Terp Sauce, Budder, and Distillate into individual Cartridges.

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  1. im newly started experimenting on rosin and carts. my question is did you not add terps to the rosin?if not why is that i was thinking it would help with soaking the coil and getting bigger hits no?since it is more on the liquid side (sorry for my ignorance like i said im still new to all of this) =)

  2. I recommend the oil bath method get a glass e juice container drop ur wax inside heat up oil to 250°F – 270°F its done when there's no more bubbles mix in terps
    .1ml – .2ml of terps or .8ml of wax liquidizer then put the cap on it shake it to mix it up then put it back in the oil bath let it settle then shake again for a good mix then back in the oil bath let it settle and while its still hot pull it into a syringe makes it much easier to mix no torch or heat gun needed bcuz its in an oil bath so its heating it from all sides much better method imo

  3. I did this process with some budder just like you have. It melted down and decarbed great. But it still crystalized when cooling. I didn't add any terpenes or liquidizer to it. Is that why it's still crystalizing?

  4. Are concentrates not already decarbed? I thought in order to make most kinds of concentrates that a lot of heat was involved. Does decarbing concentrates produce any CBN if you stop the application of heat when the concentrate stops bubbling?

  5. so mixing at 150°, is that too hot for the terp liquefier/ whatever terpenes? Your video helped with everything. Also, you can use an oven, but hot plates are better because you have to work with your concencrate/distillate while it’s HOT and more thin/liquidy. If you’re just making one cart, oven is fine. Hot plate if you plan on doing more.

  6. I hate living in Alabama. Marijuana is the only thing that helps with my anxiety and the THC carts are such a blessing with how easy it is to use. I can take a pull when I'm feeling nervous and easily can take the edge off. I hate that this simple but complete life changing thing can be so hard for me to get.

  7. Is there possibly a way to decarb live resin while tasting all of the terpenes? I know they are very volatile compounds so if they anything about like 150F might destroy them?

  8. This is so awesome to watch! I have a few questions if you don’t mind 😬
    How do you decide if added terpenes are necessary?
    How do you know when a particular concentrate is finished decarbing?
    Trying myself this week with a couple diff concentrates🙌🏼

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