How to make your own THC/CBD vape cartridge's!

This is a medical cannabis video, who’s basis is to teach how to replicate what large company’s do. In order to save money, and increase cost effectiveness.
This video will show you a simple method for filling your own CBD,THC, D8, and more .. basically any concentrate into vapeable, cartridge’s.
Using terpene’s or a premade, prebought from a third party ‘thinner’ or liquidizer and a little heat. And that’s it! Use a blunt tip syringe to fill up your empty’s and your done.
I will leave link’s below to where i get my CBD wax, thinner, carts, etc.
Hope this video helped even a modicum amount. If it did, please drop a comment and let me know you made it to the end! Thanks!

For CBD Wax- Or any high quality hemp product, use :
Discount Code : Primo5 : At checkout for 5% off your total order
– For legitimate! CCELL cartridge’s and mod’s, be sure to visit :
– For ‘Thinner’ Or ‘liquidizer’.. I suggest using :
Or :

Of these two thinner company’s i prefer Farm to Vape. Because they have flavor options, as well as terpene’s.

If you have any or question’s or comment’s or constructive criticism. Please leave them below. Thanks so much! Hope you all have a blessed day! : )