How to mix Rosin Distillate to make Full Spectrum THC Vape Oil

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In this video, I show you how to make Rosin using the Rosin Bottle Technique of Rosin Bag Packing. Then heat that rosin to activate the THC, then add distillate and mix to create a mixture of Rosin and Distillate that has a better taste and effect than the two concentrates individually. This mixture works great for dabbing or straight into Cartridges.

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  1. I recommend the oil bath method get a glass e juice container drop ur wax inside heat up oil to 250°F – 270°F its done when there's no more bubbles mix in terps
    .1ml – .2ml of terps or .8ml of wax liquidizer then put the cap on it shake it to mix it up then put it back in the oil bath let it settle then shake again for a good mix then back in the oil bath let it settle and while its still hot pull it into a syringe makes it much easier to mix no torch or heat gun needed bcuz its in an oil bath so its heating it from all sides much better method imo

  2. I did this the other day I was wondering why it kicked my ass so much I was like I don't know if it's just me but it feels like mixing the two together makes it a lot better and now i know why thank you

  3. friend your channel is very cool, i already subscribed to it. i'm from brazil and here we don't have a lot of knowledge about some equipment used to make vape juice. could you tell me what is distillate? and the method that I do the extraction here is the bho, because it is the only method possible at the moment. I ask for your help, you are a genius. thank you and look forward.

  4. Please don't do this distillate is the best way to dab and this is not a a full spectrum dab that this guy has he has distillate mixed with rasin and in my opinion unless u are looking for the higher thc found in distillates then if u are able to press your weed and make rasin thats the shit u want the all natural heat derived dabs straight from the plant itself u didn't have to mix it with any solvent to strip the thc and some of the other cannabinoids but full spectrum rasin or dabs tbh I dont know what it would fit under can be extracted so many different ways to make the finall product full spectrum and full spectrum means it has all the tirps and cannabinoids

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