How to Pick your Perfect 510 Thread Prefilled | Refillable oil vape cartridge, that is best | Bug RX

Founder and CEO Dray Moorman. introduces the Bug RX Oil Vape Pen, This Oil Vaporizer was designed to aid patients with limited dexterity issues to fill and use the device. Available on our website

Have you ever wondered when looking at a 510 thread oil cartridge that is prefilled or refillable, how you can expect it to feel and perform? one of our most frequently asked question is how do I pick out the perfect vape cartridge or the best 510 thread oil cartridge. In this video DRay Moorman scoured through a large assortment of the 510 thread vape cartridges for oils on the market and goes through the quality and performance characteristics of the best one. From the mouthpiece to the heater, all aspects will be discussed to let the vapor select the best refillable vape tank for them. This video will go through CCELL cartridge characteristics , cloud tanks, Wick cartridges, Glass Cartridges, various mouthpieces and many more. After watching this video patients and recreational users will be better equipped to pick the perfect tank cartridge in the world, the Bug RX by Mig Vapor.

Designed and built exclusively for vireo health New York. Inspired by Aashna at Vireo Health as she described a group of patients who needed a device that did not exist. Together we began designing a device made for “Thick OIL USE ” patients and people with dexterity issues as well as cancer patients in hopes of making this device more comfortable to fill as a user with disabilities.
Mig Vapor created this oil vape pen to deliver the most clean and perfect hitting vape pen in existence.
This Vape device is distillate ready for the future of perfect clean distillate vape pens, that do not contain contaminants.
Distillates are the future of legal medical cannabis oil carts or cartridges as well as oil vape pens like the Bug Rx by Mig vapor.