How To Properly Load An iKrusher JC 105 Vape Cartridge

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This is the proper loading technique for iKrusher JC105 Vape cartridges.
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  1. These are the biggest pieces of shit I’ve ever bought every single one has burned out prematurely so far and they don’t vape thick oil worth a fuck. They make a giant bubble around the vape holes just like yours did in the video and they don’t get hot enough to get the oil flowing down from the top and the holes burn out as soon as the bubble gets too big. It’s happened on every single one so far no matter what voltage you set your battery to.

    The only positive thing is the first few hits before they burn out are smooth and big clouds they definitely vape good while they do vape.

    Seriously I just wasted $300 on these fuck these things and iKrusher I’ll never buy these again.

    If you got watered down distillate that’s been cut to shit these are good carts maybe but anybody who uses thick oil needs to avoid these like the plague.

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